Guild Games

Session 2

PCs see a job rated CR1, "Redmont park is becoming dangerously overgrown.  Simple job, but needs experienced adventurers.  Council will pay 400gp for successful clearing, as well as grant weapon privileges for the duration of the task."

Redmont park is in the wealthy part of town, near the owl and bird of prey sanctuary.  It's not as big as it sounds, really more of an open garden.  However, a druid by the name of Carmel has gotten it in her head that the Larians are planning an invasion, and the only way to stop it is to cause an outbreak of Xtabay vines (imported from the western isles).  Once planted, these vines spread quickly, erupting a burst of sleeping-gas line pollen, then draining the life from its victims.  Even if destroyed, the vine's roots are strong and will hold out until a year has passed, and quickly regrow.  The roots spread underground too, so leaving them in place will mean next year the vines will be huge.  The druid has already accomplished this much, but she wants to plant more to cause greater spread and give the roots a better gene pool.  

Carmel also has her Leshys watching the park for intruders.  They use stealth at first to hide, but will attack if they see armed adventurers.  They prefer to fight at range, and will fly up to escape melee range.

As the PCs enter the garden (through any gate- there are 4), instantly they see everything unkempt- the grass is long, the hedges are bushy and sharp, the trees are fruiting more than is seasonal.  Long vines with red flowers creep across the grass and up the walls.  30ft in front is a wall which drops to a lower, paved area.  To the left is a low, overgrown archway into another part of the garden.

The centre of the garden has a small canal running through it.  A narrow but ornate bridge covers the water.  2 Leaf leshys are in the area watching out for any trouble.  They will attempt to ambush at the bridge, where the PCs are least able to cross.

The archway leads to the second doorway, where another xtabay vine is waiting.  The area features a wishing fountain with 1d20 sp.  The arch route leads around to the final gated area which Carmel has blocked with strong plants.  Carmel and her leaf leshy, another leaf leshy and a xtabay vine are in this area.  Carmel doesn't act surprised when someone comes to her area.  She calmly asks "are you here to help nature, or harm it?".  She has druidic arrogance that makes her assume non-druids won't understand her plan, but with enough persuasion she can be asked about why she is doing this.  Any attempt to make her stop, even vocally, will cause her to cast entangle instantly, and set her leshy allies as well as the vine loose on the PCs.  She also has a hatred of anything metal, so wears only cloth, and wields only a shortbow with bone arrows and a bone dagger.  She is carrying very little treasure, but has a bag of Xtabay vine seeds worth 30gp (to the right buyer).  This bag however will serve more purpose as a trophy and proof of the adventure completion.

If the adventure has finished too quickly, either add more encounters based on how easily the PCs take out each creature, or at the end add a bandit attack on the party for their 400gp reward.  Note that it is illegal for anyone to draw weapons on the streets of Redmont unless they are guards or under hire from the council.  As the PCs have finished the quest, it is illegal for them to attack first, however the bandits will not attack anywhere they are likely to be seen mugging anyway.  Calling for the guards however would be the right thing to do.  Essentially if the theives flee, and the PCs pursue with weapons drawn, they can be arrested and fined.

The point of this is to emphasise the necessity for money security- bags of gold are large and noisy, and attract thieves.  

The route back should also take the PCs through the market at its busiest time.  Almost any mundane items can be bought here (85% chance can be found with little effort if under 100gp, 75% chance for under 1500gp).  Vendors shout their wares loudly, dress their stalls in bright colours, and even grab passers by and attempt to drag them over to their shop.  

Session 1
The Fog

Angri and Horace discovered that goblins were behind the mysterious fog, but got captured in their base and forced to make clothes.  Eliza and Lady Heather searched for them a week later, killing Noobootz, finding the Horn of Fog and rescuing the other two adventurers.

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