Wizmo's Magical Gadgets and Gizmos

Owned by a human male Expert 3 named Wizmo, this shop sells a number of magic items from abroad and local.  He mainly deals in whatever scrolls and potions he can source, but will buy anything he thinks he can resell at a decent margin.  The shop is situated off the main market in Redmont along monarchy street.

The Bag of Holding he is selling comes with a story:
"This Bag of Holding is the genuine article, not that fake Lianese junk you've heard about.  Oh, you haven't?  A few years ago, some Lianese con artists figured they could make some money by selling Bags of Holding on the streets.  Adventurers were called to place items in the bag to marvel at the wonders of dimensional storage and, figuring it was a trap, placed only relatively cheap items in.  Seeing the items disappear into a small bag, they would buy it without a second thought- 500 gold apiece!  What they didn't know was they just paid for a rucksack with a hole in the bottom.  By the time they realised this, the con artists were long gone.  Made a killing too, I hear they now live in Beachview.  This bag however is the real deal, made by Fargo of the Dale (pronounced "ovadale").  I'd sell it for tweny eight hundred gold pieces, but for you my friend, as a guild member, twenty five fifty."

The items he has change week to week as he sells the potions and scrolls quite regularly.  Magic weapons of an exotic nature tend not to shift as fast, whereas minor common magic weapons are his bread and butter.


<s>Ring of the Ram 8,600gp</s>
Halberd of the Headsman +1, does not give off light 2,000gp 
<s>Rod</s><s> of Metamagic, Silent 11,000gp</s>
Wand of Resist Energy (CL3) 4,500gp
Potion of Bull Strength (CL3) 150gp
Potion of Barkskin (CL3) 300gp
Purify Food and Water Oil (CL1) 25gp
Potion of Make Whole (CL3) 300gp
Potion of Reduce Person (CL1) 50gp
Scroll of Disrupt Undead (CL1) 12gp 5sp
Scroll of Magic Missile (CL1) 25gp
Scroll of Darkvision (CL3) 150gp
Scroll of Contagion (CL7) 700gp
Scroll of Summon Monster III (CL5) 375gp
Bag of Holding I 2,500gp


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