Small Town

On the coast of the Grey Sea, the town of Redmont hosts respite for those who trade both on land and by sea.  It is named after the Earl Redmont who founded the town 60 years ago, and his grandson Luke Redmont resides in the Redmont Tower at the town's highest point.

As the sea is likely to flood, large stone barriers separate the beach from the ocean. Unfortunately, from time to time this does not deter the waves, who climb the wall to flood the lower parts of the town.  Consequently, the wealthy live either on the south side, between the town proper and the farmlands, or in the Redcliff disctrict; the overbearing north cliff overlooking most of the ports.  The poor live closer to the beach in semi-permanent structures, and the market is an open square for temporary vendors to set up shop.

Despite the flooding, the market has gained a reputation for hosting a large variety of cultural goods at relatively low cost. 

Redmont has 3 main gates, at each is a toll booth for merchants.  Visitors and Leavers must submit to a search if declaring they hold no goods to avoid paying the toll.  This is the same for the port access, with all ships leaving port to get permission from the portmaster.  The tolls cause traffic to be slow in Redmont, especially around the gates, thus a number of freeposts exist in the wall for non-traders to leave.  One guard is posted at each, and the roads outside the walls are poorly maintained, but do lead back around to the main roads.

A bell rings at 5am to alert nightwatchmen duty over, and masses are to begin.
Shops open at 6am
First meal begins at 9am
Foreign Merchants are allowed to open shops at 10am
Second meal begins at 1pm
Most shops close at 3pm
Third meal begins at 6pm
Blacksmiths, barbers, pubs and late shops close at 8pm
Curfew bell rings at 9pm
Saturdays: all trade must stop at 3pm.
Sunday: all trade must begin after 10am and close before 2pm.

Redmont laws prevent waste being thrown on the floor- there is a sewer system for that.
The penalty for theiving is being hanged, and all that is required to successfully accuse is to catch a person in possession of stolen goods.
Curfew is set at 9 o'clock, with the ringing of a bell.  No-one but the law enforcement are allowed out; anyone else must have a light and a good reason.
Weapons are somewhat regulated; weapons may be carried on person, but not in hand.  Certain members of nobility are exempt from this law, as are guards.
Straw, untreated wood and other flammables are illegal on the streets.

Population 1578
GP limit: 731

Authority Title: Constable
Authority Level: Warrior
Full time Guards: 15
Conscriptable: 78

Notable Buildings:
The Guild
:Wizmo's Magical Gadgets and Gizmos

The council is responsible for taking taxes and spending them on town maintenance.

  lv1  59
  lv2  2
  lv6  1
  lv1  35
  lv2  4
  lv4  2
  lv6  1
  lv2  32
  lv3  16
 lv4  8
 lv5  4
 lv7  2
 lv9  1
 lv2  1
 lv2  32
 lv3  16
 lv4  8
 lv5  4
 lv6  2
 lv8  1
 lv1  1076
 lv2  128
 lv3  64
 lv4  32
​​​​​​​  lv5  16
​​​​​​​  lv6  8
​​​​​​​  lv8  4
​​​​​​​  lv10  2
​​​​​​​  lv12  1
​​​​​​​  lv3  2
  lv6  1
​​​​​​​  lv1  5
​​​​​​​  lv3  1
​​​​​​​  lv5  1
​​​​​​​  lv1  6


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